Pick the unique stand-alone Tech Wizards solutions you need from our menu of a la carte IT services

Tech Wizards is in the business of delivering “Worry Free IT” for small and medium sized businesses. We take care of your network, so you can focus on your core business.  As a full-service “one stop IT shop”, we provide a complete menu of IT services and tools needed by every business that utilizes IT today, and these days that is pretty much every business.

Your business may not be at the point where you require a full suite of managed IT services, such as our flat-rate Managed IT Services plans. But almost every business is likely to have some unique need that isn’t provided in-house or by existing technology partners. That is why Tech Wizards offers a la carte managed IT services to help you fill gaps, to help ensure that you have the technology solutions and cyber security protections that are vital in today’s technology world.

If you are starting to get frustrated with the unpredictable cost of repairs, have the perception that it takes too long to fix IT problems when they arise, and are worried about the security of your network, our a la carte IT services can be the answer you are seeking.


What IT services does Tech Wizards offer a la carte?

  • Break/Fix Service and IT Project Work - If you just need a “one-off” service call to fix a problem you are experiencing right now or if you need an IT project completed by a reliable and trusted IT support provider, Tech Wizards is the answer.  Our Support Center page can quickly get you the help you need.
  • Network Monitoring - We’ll monitor your computers and network devices 24/7/365 and alert you to system failures or symptoms that may foretell a failure and indicate a needed resolution that will prevent failures.
  • Network Monitoring & Maintenance – When proactive system maintenance is added to network monitoring system failures and slow downs are greatly minimized for maximum uptime.
  • IT Help Desk and Remote Support Services – Support is just an email, phone call, or text away when you engage our IT Help Desk to support your users with telephone and remote desktop access support services.
  • Cyber Security Services – Tech Wizards can provide comprehensive security audits, analysis, and actions plans to keep your network (and your customers data) safe and secure.  We also offer a comprehensive set of tools for securing your network and your computers at rates significantly lower than you could procure on your own.
  • Compliance Management Services – Tech Wizards offers Compliance Automation Services that makes compliance a breeze!  We can assure ongoing compliance with credit card security requirements, cyber insurance requirements to avoid denied claims, NIST compliance, or HIPAA, SOC, FINRA, and other industry compliance requirements.
  • Email Encryption – Looking for a highly secure email encryption solution that is super-easy to use for both the sender and recipient, with no passwords, browser plugin, apps to download, or accounts to set up?  Let us tell you about the most simple yet secure encryption service available.
  • Business Continuity & Backups - Email archiving and data backups are the most important services you could ever sign up for, and Tech Wizards specializes in computer, data, hard drive backups and email archiving, as well as full system backups.
  • Cloud Computing – Ready to move to a cloud server and/or cloud PCs?  We can show you how your business can save money and increase productivity by moving more fully to the cloud, and we can provision the Windows 365 virtual servers and cloud PC that you need to move your company into the future of business technology.
  • Hardware & Software Procurement and Asset Management – Need an easier way to select and purchase the technology hardware and software you need to new users or new programs?  Need help with knowing when to replace aging equipment or upgrade software.  Our procurement and asset management services (AKA “Life Cycle Management), along with detailed and transparent invoicing, can take care of all of this for you.
  • Data Recovery Services – We offer complete data recovery services for all types of media and data (including affordable lab recovery services).  We can recover data from standard hard drives, SSD drives, server RAID array drives, USB “flash” drives (AKA “thumb drives”), SD camera cards, Outlook PST/OST files and Microsoft Office documents.
  • Network Planning & Installation Services – Only an IT networking expert can help you plan a network infrastructure for your new or existing business.  Tech Wizards has the expertise to help you plan out your network and to procure and install the appropriate network devices, servers, and computers you need to ensure a network that fully serves your needs while staying within your budget.
  • Office Relocation Services – If you are moving your office within our local service area, we can safely and securely move your IT infrastructure from one location to another.  And don’t count on a building contractor, electrician, or telecommunications tech to decide how many power outlets, network jacks, wireless access points, and phone connections you will need. Keep in mind that changes and additions after the walls are up will be at your added expense. With printers, scanners, copiers, and other technologies connecting directly to the network these days, you want to be sure to get it right on the first pass.  Tech Wizards can provide the guidance you need to get it right the first time.
  • Mobile Device Protection – We offer mobile device tracking and remote locking or data deletion services for your cell phones, tablets, laptops, and any other mobile devices.  This can not only help prevent the accidental loss of these devices but also protect against a data breach if these devices are lost or stolen.