Use Our Services To Supplement Your In-House IT Support

Well-managed IT services are essential for every business today. As technology advances, it offers many new opportunities to businesses and organizations. At the same time, however, these advances can make IT more difficult to manage in-house.

A single technician or IT department alone, even with the deepest expertise, can be a bottleneck of knowledge, limiting the approach and tools to a single point of view. In today’s cyber environment, where new techniques and vulnerabilities are constantly revealed, it becomes a full-time task to stay current on which IT solutions are effective, and which may provide diminishing returns.

MSPs like Tech Wizards, on the other hand, offer the advantage having available an entire network of IT professionals. Immersed in the unfolding updates of the industry, MSPs are better equipped with the latest management and automation tools to ensure business continuity in the face of unplanned disruptions (man-made and natural disasters) and cyber-attacks. These providers allow more cost flexibility since they can adjust the scope to the specific needs of their clients without compromising the depth of their services.

Outsourcing a portion your IT support can be the solution that improves all your business operations. When you engage the right MSP to work with your existing technician or IT staff, you gain access to enterprise-class tools and services that provide your business with the same level of insight and support that large companies can provide for themselves.

The best part is that you don’t have to make huge investments to develop a more sophisticated IT team or services to do this. When you outsource, you gain immediate access to the same kinds of tools and services your business could not afford otherwise at one affordable fixed monthly cost.

By selecting the Tech Wizards services that augment your existing in-house IT staff, services, and tool you get “the best of both worlds” with no gaps in your tech support or cyber security protections.  See the full list of available services in the menu on the right side of this page.


What Are Co-Managed Services

Co-managed IT services can be defined as model that allows businesses to blend their internal IT team with the support, knowledge, and expertise of an MSP. It allows organizations to customize their IT services to allow them to decide which services to keep in house and which would be better suited for outsourcing. The idea is to create a partnership where the MSP can support, enhance, and supplement the existing IT team within an organization.

We don’t replace your IT staff; we make them BETTER by filling in the support gaps, giving them professional-grade tools, and training and assisting them where they need help. That means your entire office sees a significant reduction in IT issues, making everyone more productive.

If you have an in-house technician or IT staff, Tech Wizards can work with them to provide missing technical expertise and/or “best-in-class” technology tools and “best practice” services to your business at a significantly lower cost than you could obtain them yourself.

Under the co-managed approach, Tech Wizards will:

  • Handle complex projects that require specialist expertise.
  • Implement and manage the monitoring and/or maintenance of your network, servers, and computers.
  • Install, monitor, and manage advanced technology tools and services, such as Zero Trust security applications, email archiving and/or encryption services, updates, network mapping and documentation, penetration scans, IT auditing and reporting, local and cloud backups, VoIP, web filtering, and other services that are only available to larger enterprise businesses or only available at a reasonable cost through “Connected Technology Partners” like Tech Wizards.
  • Take on work overflow that the in-house technician or IT staff doesn’t have time to do, freeing them up to work on strategic projects. A co-managed outsourced IT functions can also be helpful to cover vacation time or sick days for your current IT personnel.

Who Should Consider Co-Managed IT Services?

A co-managed IT services plan is ideal for organizations that:

  • Already have an in-house IT team
  • Have more technology needs than their team can handle alone
  • Wish to maintain control over their systems while avoiding expensive and long-term IT staffing contracts
  • Are looking for strategy expertise to inform decision making
  • Want to outsource day-to-day tasks and/or help desk support
  • Need a comprehensive automated monitoring, maintenance, and management platform
  • Need extra help to handle cybersecurity so you can stop worrying about a ransomware attack and other cybersecurity threats

Finding, hiring, training, and retaining IT technicians is very difficult and expensive. With co-managed IT, you don’t have the cost, overhead or difficulty in growing your IT staff as your needs grow.

Still Not Sure If a Co-Managed Solution Is Right for You?

The move toward co-managed IT solutions is a direct reflection of the trends occurring in cybersecurity and remote/hybrid work. Today’s increasing need for tech support, exacerbated by the labor shortage within the tech industry, make co-managed IT services a logical solution.

However, there are a lot of misconceptions about co-managed IT services.  If you are interested, but have concerns about co-managed services, then check out an online article on that addressed these myths and explains the many advantages of outsourcing a portion of your tech support to supplement your existing technician or IT staff.  The article can be accessed by clicking here.

When you are ready, contact us to learn more about how you can pair our expert Wizards and our best-in-class tools with your existing in-house IT team to get the best of both worlds.