Here’s How You Can Have “Worry-Free IT!”

Network Monitoring and Proactive Maintenance Services are included with our Flat Rate IT Service Plans or can be delivered to your business as a stand-alone “a la carte” service.  Contact us for details.


Today’s businesses rely on their network to stay productive and profitable. Modern networks are sophisticated. Given this fact, IT issues could easily worsen if not monitored constantly and maintained regularly. Do you know your network’s health or performance monitoring at all times and have constant, digital network monitoring of your systems?  Are your computers and network devices being proactively maintained and updated to keep them secure and extend their lifespan?  If not, Tech Wizards can help you by providing you with network monitoring and proactive maintenance services that fit your specific company’s needs.



You may be thinking that network monitoring is expensive and complicated but in reality, it’s not. Network problems often occur without warning.  Network monitoring allows problems to be identified immediately and resolved quickly before they wreak havoc on your network.  Network monitoring also looks for signs of malicious behavior or slow and failing components so that you can address them before they become bigger issues or lead to system downtime.

As a network monitoring company, Tech Wizards has been providing network monitoring solutions to businesses in the greater Raleigh NC area for more than 20 years. Our clients trust us, knowing that our advanced business technology solutions and skilled technicians ensure their network is in tip-top shape. We can provide the same outstanding network monitoring and alert solutions for your NC business.



If you want to minimize costs, being proactive can go a long way toward this goal. Your business’ technology is one such area where proactive maintenance can allow your company to save countless dollars and hours of downtime.

Proactive maintenance relies on constant monitoring of your network to prevent problems from occurring in the first place, resulting in fewer costs and much less downtime.  It prevents problems from slowing or even shutting down your business, resulting in greater profits and fewer expenses.

Tech Wizard’s Proactive Maintenance Services utilizes state-of-the-art tools that automate most of the proactive maintenance procedures needed to keep your network optimized and running at peak performance and speed, with our Wizards performing on a regularly scheduled basis those maintenance processes that cannot be automated.

Our tools also automate the remediation of many of the issues discovered by our network monitoring system, so many issues are resolved immediately as they are uncovered, with human intervention and before the issue affects your users or your network.



  1. Maintain network system health – Tech Wizards provides “best-in-class” network monitoring services that track equipment on your network, including your servers, switches, routers and desktop and mobile devices. Our Wizards use tools to oversee your system’s health and keep your hardware and operating systems running optimally.

Tech Wizards will perform all proactive maintenance tasks such as making sure your Windows OS and third-party software applications receive all the upgrades and security updates they require. We also monitor your hardware 24x7x365 for signs of predicted device and hard drive failure. By identifying and addressing these issues early, our Wizards can then take the necessary actions to remedy these issues before they begin to impact your uptime and productivity.

  1. Get the most out of your network connection - As part of network monitoring, Tech Wizards will also monitor the network itself by checking the transfer and flow of data through your environment. We check for things like whether your internet is up and if you are getting the speed you have contracted for with your ISP. We also look for errors indicating issues such as a bad piece of networking equipment that has been plugged into your network.

This type of network monitoring benefits your business in two significant ways. First, our systems will be able to predict and remedy any network performance issues by addressing them as they come up, instead of after you experience an outage. Second, you will be able to make sure you’re getting what you pay for when it comes to network speed and performance.

  1. Keep your network secure - Another way that Tech Wizards can help your business through network monitoring is by keeping your network secure. Our monitoring system makes sure all devices are configured for maximum security and that they get updates as necessary.

Our system will also monitor firewalls to make sure they’re always updated and running as efficiently as possible and will look for and address errors that might indicate security issues. This is important because many of today’s hackers are gaining access to systems and gathering information for months before businesses even know they are there. By looking for warning signs during network monitoring, your MSP can help identify these issues and remedy them as soon as possible.

  1. Save Money and Increase Productivity – Monitoring and proactively maintaining your network will not only reduce repair charges but also extend the life of your network devices.  And by minimizing downtime, employee productivity (as well as morale) increases.  Factor in the financial benefits as a result of increased productivity, or the prevention of a single disaster, and a flat-fee, proactive monitoring and maintenance plan is easily justified as a valuable and cost-effective solution. Our Wizards stay up to date with “best practice” security trends and “best-of-class” monitoring and maintenance tools so that we can ensure we are providing comprehensive network monitoring and maintenance services to our clients. If you’re looking for network monitoring and maintenance services, Tech Wizards offers comprehensive solutions that will satisfy nearly every small to midsize business’s security requirements.

If you’re looking for network monitoring and maintenance services, Tech Wizards offers comprehensive solutions that will satisfy nearly every small to midsize business’s security requirements.