Procurement & Asset Management Services are included with our Flat Rate IT Service Plans or can be delivered to you as a stand-alone “a la carte” service.  Contact us for details.


Regain Control Over Your Hardware and Software Assets

Procurement Services

Tech Wizards can handle the process of selecting, buying, delivering, and (when it becomes necessary) replacing the hardware and software that your company needs to power your businesses.  We can also take responsibility for managing warranties and using them to replace or repair defective equipment as needed.

Our Procurement Services include user-level hardware (desktops, laptops, printers, scanners, monitors, tablets, and related accessories as well as any larger hardware needs, like servers, NAS devices, firewalls, routers, switches, or even conference room tech.

While you’re not obligated to buy new devices from your IT service provider, there are many benefits if you do.

  • Time Efficiency – Tech Wizards understands the value of your time.  With our Hardware & Software Procurement Services, you and your staff no longer have to spend time shopping for the right technology products, waiting to talk to vendors, evaluating multiple solutions, or going through the purchase order process. We handle all of that for you.
  • Expertise - As your “Connected Technology Partner”, our Wizards have the technical expertise and knowledge of your IT environment necessary to choose the best solutions for your needs. We also have experience with hardware and software provided to our other clients, we can recommend technology that has worked well in similar businesses.
  • Getting the Right Product - The most common problem businesses have when they try to order hardware or software on their own is buying the wrong solutions. Unfortunately, if you’re not paying close attention, you could easily miss the difference between consumer and business editions.  Consumer-grade equipment fails more frequently than enterprise-grade. When it comes to your business, enterprise-grade devices last longer and have fewer disruptions.
  • Consistency of Process - By outsourcing procurement to Tech Wizards, your business gains a consistent process that you can count on over the long term. You don't have to worry that the procurement process will be disrupted if the employee who currently handles it leaves. We’ll leverage our existing connections with hardware vendors or we will work with your chosen or contracted vendors. Either way is fine with us.
  • Ease of Billing – For our Managed IT Services clients, any hardware or software purchased from us is simply added to your monthly invoice for a smooth and easy payment process.  From an accounting standpoint, this means you have fewer invoices to keep track of, which saves you time.
  • Installation and deployment – Tech Wizards integrates our installation and deployment services into our Managed IT Service Plans, providing extra value at no additional cost.
  • Consistency of Products – As much as possible, Tech Wizards will standardize your hardware and software across your business, allowing for faster delivery, easier and more quickly obtained replacement parts (when needed), and faster and more efficient repair (since we are very familiar with your products.


Asset Management

Asset Management is the process of ensuring an organization’s assets are accounted for, deployed, maintained, upgraded, replaced, and disposed of when the time comes in order to assure greatest ROI for your hardware and software technology investments. To maximize the value your business can generate from them, Tech Wizards proactively manages each of your IT assets.  This service also include procurement of new or replacement hardware and software assets if desired.

This service includes hardware and software Life Cycle Management.  IT assets have a finite useful lifespan.  Failure to promptly “refresh” your hardware at the end of its useful life span, or to continue to use outdated versions of your software, leads to more repairs, unnecessary downtime, reduced productivity, and demoralized staff.  Tech Wizards will manage the life cycle of your hardware, recommending replacement before it becomes a liability instead of an asset, and keep your software updated (and upgraded) as needed.

Tech Wizards can take the time and hassle out of hardware and software life cycle management and procurement, providing you with “Worry Free IT”.